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About Blue Lake Doulas


As a mother of two, I am incredibly passionate about birth and its transformative power. It’s difficult to put into words just how much it means to me. If there’s one thing I want to share, it’s the belief that birth is the epitome of natural, peaceful, and empowering experiences. There’s nothing to fear. Women often underestimate their bodies and the inherent trust they deserve. Unfortunately, this lack of trust is often fueled by external opinions about our abilities. However, our bodies possess the innate ability to bring forth life if we prepare and allow them to fulfill their purpose. My hope is to restore the trust many women have lost in their bodies’ remarkable capabilities—a gift that is truly inspiring.


From a young age, my mother taught me everything about birth, emphasizing its incredible nature. This instilled in me a deep sense of self-trust and set the stage for my own two births. Since the age of fourteen, I knew that I would one day experience a natural birth, just like my mother. Pregnancy and birth were always positive topics in our home, affirming that every woman is capable of this journey. As I grew older, my love for birth continued to flourish. While I had always longed to work in the field, the timing never felt quite right.


Recently, during a church gathering, a new mother shared her harrowing experience of a stressful and lonely birth due to a lack of support. Anger welled up within me as I reflected on the missed opportunity for a calm and peaceful experience for that family. It was in that moment that I felt compelled to make a difference and ensure that no couple ever feels that way again. The fire to support growing families was ignited within me. Just a few weeks later, fate intervened when I met a fellow mom at the park. Remarkably, we discovered that we shared the same midwife, and she happened to be a doula. The odds seemed too perfect. She shared her experiences and love for being a doula, sparking my curiosity.


It felt like the stars had aligned, and I am thrilled to embark on this new adventure. Finally, the time has come for me to contribute my passion and knowledge to support couples in their birthing journeys.

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