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Prenatal Care

During the precious journey of pregnancy, our dedicated doula service provides comprehensive prenatal care to support and empower you. We offer a range of personalized services to ensure you have an enlightened and fulfilling pregnancy. From informative consultations to emotional support, we are here to guide you every step of the way. Our prenatal care includes:

  • Regular check-ins and consultations to discuss your physical and emotional well-being.

  • Evidence-based information and referrals to local resources including massage therapists, childbirth educators, chiropractors, and much more.

  • Assistance with creating a birth plan tailored to your preferences and wishes.

  • Emotional support and a listening ear to address any concerns or anxieties.

  • Partner involvement and guidance to strengthen your bond during this special time.

Labor & Delivery

As your trusted doula, we provide compassionate and experienced support throughout your labor and delivery journey. Our goal is to create a calm and empowering environment, ensuring your comfort and confidence during this transformative experience. Our labor and delivery care includes:

  • Continuous emotional and physical support during labor, offering comfort measures and relaxation techniques.

  • Advocacy for your birth preferences and effective communication with medical professionals.

  • Providing guidance to your birth partner, helping them actively participate and offer invaluable support.

  • Creating a serene atmosphere through soothing music, aromatherapy, and other personalized elements.

  • Assisting with pain management techniques and helping you navigate various birthing positions.

Mother in Love

Postpartum Care

After the birth of your precious baby, our doula service continues to provide unwavering support during the postpartum period. We understand the importance of a nurturing and smooth transition into parenthood. Our postpartum care includes:

  • Emotional support as you adjust to the joys and challenges of motherhood and you and your baby bond.

  • Practical assistance with newborn care, breastfeeding, and postpartum recovery.

  • Guidance on establishing a nurturing routine and understanding your baby's cues.

  • Referrals and connections to local resources such as lactation consultants, support groups, and childcare services.

  • Providing a safe space to discuss any concerns, fears, or uncertainties that may arise.

Together, we will create a nurturing and empowering experience, tailored to your unique needs and desires. Trust us to be your dedicated companions throughout your incredible journey of pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond.


Standard Doula Services – $1,800

  • Two prenatal visits in your home at 35 and 38 weeks

  • We’ll help you create your birth plan or birth wishes

  • You’ll receive pregnancy support during visits and 24/7 text/call support

  • On-call for in person support 4 weeks around your due date

  • Support during the entirety of your labor and 2 hours postpartum

  • One postpartum visit 3 days after birth to provide care

Placenta Encapsulation & Printing:

Encapsulation – $275

Printing – $25

Placenta encapsulation involves processing the placenta into ingestible capsules, which contain beneficial nutrients such as vitamins B6 and B12, iron, and potassium. For an additional fee, our clients can include placenta encapsulation and placenta printing as part of their package. If you opt for placenta encapsulation, we will collect your placenta after birth and use food-grade ingredients and equipment to dehydrate and grind it into a powder. This powder is then placed into size 00 gelatin capsules for consumption. The capsules will be stored in glass containers, with the capsules requiring refrigeration at home.

We also offer placenta printing, where, if desired, we will create a print of your placenta before processing it. The doula will carefully spread out the placenta, use food-safe colors as per your request, and imprint the painted placenta onto high-quality paper. Rest assured, your placenta will be thoroughly rinsed clean before being processed into capsules. 

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